[Data Analyst Coding] Python string & dictionary

values being the ids for each tag to be found in the dct_keys.

Score is defined as the intersection / union for each set of words in any given two lists.

This can be solved using a double for loop, using the below syntax, which will let us iterate each list of words for each list of words, or iterate through each permutation of word lists.

Hint, zip the tags and the corpus so you can iterate both at the same time, referencing the tag and corresponding list of words.



这是我们学校career center DA mock interview的一道题。我暂时就zip了一个dic.我知道怎么算score,但是不会把他们连同aa ab ac…这类keys 联系起来。可以放到coding版!!!谢谢老师

同学你好,我觉得这个问题本身不是很清楚。譬如在sample里面的’id_alpha’和’id_beta’是什么?然后Score的定义是intersection / union(这两者不是一个东西)。